Company History

1947 -

Points & Crossings plant originally established at Tiljala.

1982 - Introduced Switch Expansion Joints for Indian Railways.

1984 -

Commencement of operation in Foundry at Bamunari.
First company in India to manufacture CMS crossings indigenously.

1988 - Wagon plant at Santragachi acquired.

1989 - Diversified into manufacture of alloy steel components viz., bogies, couplers, draft gears etc.

1989 -

Bagged biggest export order for Side Frame, Bolster, Coupler & Axle Boxes from USSR.
Road shows in New York, London, Paris & Tokyo for Global Fund Mobilisation

1990 - Received first award for outstanding performance in export.

1991 -

First Indian company to receive order for Turnouts from Africa.
Commenced wagon production at Santragachi plant.

1992 -

First Indian company to supply Anode Yoke all over the world. Also, the first Indian company to
export Fishing Crawler Shoes to Iceland.
Commencement of exports to USA.
First Indian company to receive order for Turnouts from Malaysian Railway.

1994 -

First Indian Foundry to receive certification from Association of American Rail Roads in terms of
AARM1003 & AARM210.

1995 -

Introduction of Thick Web Switches In Indian Railways.

1996 -

First Indian Foundry to commence supply of Side Frames, Bolsters and Couplers to North America.

1998 -

Introduced Low Height Container Flat wagons under World Bank project for Indian Railways.
First Indian company to export Side Frames and Bolsters to Australia & South Korea.
First Indian company to export CMS Crossings to Europe.
First Indian company to manufacture Slackless Drawbars for Low Height Container Flat wagons.

2001 - First Indian company to produce Obtuse Crossings.

2004 - Commenced wagon production at Tiljala plant.

2007 - Introduced upgraded version of switch expansion joints.

2012 -

First Indian company to get RDSO Approval for alll 4 designs of Improved switch expansion joints.
Technical Tie - Up with European company for manufacture of Weldable CMS Crossings.
Diversification to manufacture of EMU coaches.
Diversification to manufacture of Cast Steel Bogie Frame for locomotives.
Developed prototype 25 ton Axle Load Bogie & WD 70 Coupler.

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